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Good choices Jim. Better Off Ted has also become one of my favorites.

Another great list that would be hauntingly similar to mine. I too tried to give Glee a chance and it's just not my cup of tea, in spite of hitting all the right notes and all the right steps. Spot on about Jane Lynch, too. She's the main reason why I actually sat through the entire finale and was entertained, yet could not bring myself to seek out the rest of the season to catch up.

I would make Breaking Bad number one. But one thing that people are failing to mention of late is the great work being done in the UK this year with shows like the "Red Riding" mini-series, which plays more like a series of major motion pictures than tv shows(and IS coming to US theatres in fact), Misfits which is Heroes done with soul and a brit punk-rock ethic/style, Survivors series 2 which just premiered this week and kicks the butt of almost anything on US tv. Just really good shows that we'll be lucky to see on BBC-america. If they're smart.

It's going to be a great year, again, for TV.

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